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MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


NFN Taufik


A standard home in the United States has access to the 120V AC power grid for use with home appliances. Many electronics used at home are powered by a DC power supply, which loses energy in the conversion from AC power. The DC House project avoids any conversion between AC and DC by storing energy in batteries as DC power and supplying it directly to DC appliances. While AC systems feature a standardized output voltage, no such standard exists for DC systems. The Smart DC Wall Outlet solves this by automatically adjusting its output voltage to meet any required DC load voltage. A hardware solution was developed using a microcontroller in tandem with a DC to DC Buck converter to monitor trends in the output current and set the output voltage accordingly. The Smart DC Wall Outlet features two 100W output channels that were able to correctly identify the required output voltage of five out of seven test devices. Results indicate that it is possible to generalize the turn on characteristics of DC devices, but that other solutions may find more success.