Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Biomedical Engineering


Biomedical and General Engineering


Lily Laiho


The production and approval process for the various labels used in clinical trials wastes significant time and resources through the need to outsource label production or rely on large reams of pre-cut label stock for each revision throughout the process. An in-house, on-demand label printing and cutting system is a potential remedy to this waste. Previous work by Cheadle et al. resulted in a functional electomechanical prototype of the label cutting aspect of this research, capable of rudimentary linear cuts. In this continued research, emphasis was placed on improved label cutting capabilities and creating PC control software for label design. Cutting operations were enhanced through the development of an algorithm for circular cuts, proportional motor control, and a prototype graphical user interface (GUI) for simple user control. The changes to cutting methods have improved linear cutting precision to an average of 0.00402-in (s = 0.00602-in, n=26) at minimum. The new method for circular cuts has an average precision of 0.04384-in (s = 0.01471-in, n=26). The target precision for cuts is 0.040-in, suggesting that linear cuts are satisfactory, but circular cuts must still be refined. The prototype user interface developed for this research is capable of driving the label cutting system through RS232 communication and exposes all functionality of the system to date. Overall, this research has enhanced the capabilities of the label cutting system significantly, but further work is required to realize a complete label production solution.

Zimmerman_appendix_a.pdf (2701 kB)
Appendix A: Label Cutter Firmware Documentation

Zimmerman_appendix_b.pdf (3076 kB)
Appendix B: Label Cutter Firmware Source Code

Zimmerman_appendix_c.pdf (698 kB)
Appendix C: Label Designer Software Documentation

Zimmerman_appendix_d.pdf (1267 kB)
Appendix D: Label Designer Software Source Code (33164 kB)
Compiled Binaries, Source, and Documentation

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