Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


NFN Taufik


The delivery of high power and smaller footprints through a non-isolated topology demands for the use of multiphase topology in DC-DC converters. Multiphase reduces the ripple observed on both the input and output waveforms; however, it may not be enough to connect to sensitive power sources such as renewable energy sources. A single-phase modified boost converter demonstrates the ability to acquire very minimal input current ripple by addition of passive components. The expansion to multiphase topology is the next logical step for higher power application while furthering the low input current ripple benefit. In this thesis, the multiphase modified boost topology is compared with the multiphase standard boost topology to explore the benefits and trade-offs of the proposed topology. A 12V input to 19V output at 95W output power multiphase standard and modified boost converters were designed and constructed for the thesis. Results from theoretical calculations, computer simulations, and hardware implementations were then compared to evaluate their performances. Results show that compared to the standard boost, the modified boost yields significantly less input current ripple at 2% under full load condition while maintaining output voltage ripple of 5% and higher than 90% efficiency.