Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


Ali Shaban


Due to increasing changes in the power industry, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's electrical engineering department introduced a set of initiatives to adequately equip students with the skills and knowledge to interact with new technologies. Specifically, the department proposed a microgrid and power systems protection and automation laboratory to strengthen students' knowledge of microprocessor-based relays. This paper outlines a microgrid laboratory system that fulfills the initiative's goal and proposes a collection of laboratory experiments for inclusion in a new laboratory course at Cal Poly. The experiments provide students with practical experience using Schweitzer Engineering Laboratory (SEL) relays and teach fundamental concepts in semi-automated generator synchronization and power system data acquisition. The microgrid laboratory system utilizes SEL relays and a centralized SEL controller to automate frequency regulation through load shedding, power factor correction, generator and utility synchronization, and relay protection group switching.