Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


Tina Smilkstein


Limitations of current eldercare monitoring systems leave a need for new solutions. A monitoring system based on a frequency modulated continuous wave ultra-wideband short-range radar is proposed for this application. The complete proposed monitoring system is comprised of four blocks: boundary detection, silhouette capture, human identification, and data transmission. This paper develops the RF front end hardware for the silhouette capture subsystem.

System requirements are derived for the silhouette capture subsystem. An architecture for the RF front end is designed, and required individual component specifications are determined. Components are selected off the shelf or custom designed for each socket. Full transmitter and receiver level plans are calculated to ensure expected system performance meets system requirements. A component library and full system schematic is created, PCB layout is completed, and PCB files are generated and sent for fabrication. PCB traces and individual components are characterized over frequency, and methods that improve inadequate performance are documented and discussed.