Date of Award


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MS in Architecture




Elbert Speidel


The objective of this thesis is to explore BIM, IPD and their implementation into a building project contract. The Integrated Delivery Processes is comprised of a collaborative team of Designers, Constructors, and Owners working side by side to create a successful project. BIM has been introduced as a technology into the industry, as a tool that these parties can use for better understanding the project.

Through case studies of IPD projects using BIM are observed, it was determined that although BIM was used, one problem faced is the lack of BIM standards included initially in a contract for in an IPD project. There are templates available by the AIA, AGC, and USACE, but they are not all standalone documents.

A guideline for the parities to discuss will be introduced as conversation piece that would help segue into what might be included in the contract documents.

CD Guidebook.pdf (738 kB)
Consensus Docs

AIA Docs.pdf (214 kB)
C106, E203, G201, G202

USACE Docs.pdf (687 kB)