Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering


Mohammad Noori


Fried foods are delicious and enjoyed by almost everyone. However, they are not the healthiest foods to eat because of the amount of oil they contain. This thesis, sponsored by Moaero Company founder, Mr. Harrish Bhutani, intends to determine whether a simply designed centrifuge system can remove a reasonable amount of oil from fried foods after it has been deep fried without adversely affecting the texture of the fried food. Due to a large variety in the texture as well as the type of fried foods, and in order to keep the scope of this thesis more focused and feasible, the focus of this investigation will be French fries. Three variables are tested: the type of fry, the angular velocity of the centrifuge, and the time spent in the centrifuge. Multiple designs for the centrifuge system were made on SolidWorks. Engineer Equation Solver (EES) was used to aid steady state and transient heat transfer calculations. Minitab was used for statistical analysis. The impact of various parameters on the change in mass of the French fries, as a measure for evaluating the oil content, were studied. The results indicate whether a centrifuge will remove a reasonable amount of oil while also considering the integrity of the fries. The study concludes that centrifugation is be a cost-effective method for removing oil from fried foods.