Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Polymers and Coatings


Chemistry & Biochemistry


Raymond H. Fernando


Synthetic latex or resin is perhaps the most important component of any paint formulation. As the binder, it holds all ingredients in a paint together and is responsible for film formation. Various latexes are used in industry though acrylic resins have shown to impart superior paint properties.This project is concerned with the synthesis of an acrylic latex. Various emulsion polymerization processes were used including semi-batch, starved-feed, and in-situ seeded in the attempt to produce a stable latex that can be used in a broader study concerning the syneresis and rheology mechanisms of latex/thickener systems. In addition, this project investigates the optimization of the emulsion polymerization teaching lab used in the Polymers and Coatings masters program. Here, a batch emulsion polymerization process was studied and various particle stability aspects altered to produce a stable latex with minimum coagulum.