Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering


Patrick Lemieux


With the automotive industry ever striving to push the limits of fuel efficiency, the Shell EcoMarathon offers a glimpse into this energy conserving mindset by challenging engineering students around the world to design and build ultra-efficient vehicles to compete regionally. This requires synchronization of engineering fields to ensure that the vehicle and powertrain system work in parallel to achieve similar goals.

The goal for Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo’s EcoMarathon vehicle for the 2015 competition is to analyze the unique operating mode that the powertrain undergoes during competition and improve their current package to increase fuel efficiency. In this study, fuel delivery, ignition timing and engine temperature are experimentally varied to observe trends in steady state fuel consumption. A developmental simulation is then implemented with these trends to analyze potential differences in transient and steady state tuning targets. The engine is then tuned to finalized tuning targets and performance compared with benchmark values.