Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


Tina Smilkstein


This thesis designed and fabricated an active contact lens that notifies the user during the detection of an external wireless signal. The lens contained a printed antenna to communicate with a 2.4GHz system and provide inductive charging operating at 13.56 MHz. The lens utilizes a CBC005 5µAh thin film battery by Cymbet as a power source. A custom IC was designed using the On Semiconductor CMOS C5 0.6 µm process to manage the battery and drive the display. A printed single element display using electrochromic ink was chosen as it is able to indicate the user when activated while staying transparent. Lastly, this thesis analyzes the material properties of the chosen substrate for it clearness, flexibility, and biocompatibility to determine its suitability as a contact lens material.