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MS in Agribusiness




Sean Hurley



Optimizing the Pistachio Supply Chain and Logistics Network for Fresno County Using Geographic Information Systems Network Analysis Method

Farnaz Daneshpour

This study aims to optimize the transportation of pistachios from orchards to processing centers in Fresno County, California to improve logistics efficiency and reduce environmental impacts. This study evaluates the current transportation situation and compared it with the case in which a new processing center is built. Also, this study evaluates transportation efficiency based on calculations of total driving distance, driving time, fuel cost, and Co2 emission and assesses how much of these variables will be saved if a new facility center is built. This study also explores optimal locations for pistachio cultivation, based on soil characteristics such as soil pH, type, and drainage class and compared these locations to current pistachio orchards. The study is based on data from 52 pistachio orchards in Fresno County, 11 existing large scale processing centers in the Central Valley, the current transportation network, and soil survey data. Location allocation and closest facility analyses using Network Analysis in ESRI ArcGIS are carried out on two scenarios; first for allocation of the orchards to existing processing centers and second, reallocation of orchards considering a new processing facility in the area. A Center of Gravity model is used to determine an optimal location of the new processing facility in Fresno County. Comparing two scenarios shows that there is 41% of saving in distance, Co2 emission, fuel cost, and driving time in a harvesting period by considering the new processing center in Fresno County. Locating the new facility center in the area can make positive improvements towards logistics efficiency and environmental issues.