Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Aerospace Engineering


Aerospace Engineering


Eric Mehiel


The design process and construction of the initial modular ramjet attachment to the Cal Poly supersonic wind tunnel is presented. The design of a modular inlet, combustor, and nozzle are studied in depth with the intentions of testing in the modular ramjet. The efforts undertaken to characterize the Cal Poly supersonic wind tunnel and the individual component testing of this attachment are also discussed. The data gathered will be used as a base model for future expansion of the ramjet facility and eventual hot fire testing of the initial components. Modularity of the inlet, combustion chamber, and nozzle will allow for easier modification of the initial design and the designs ability to incorporate clear walls will allow for flow and combustion visualization once the performance of the hot flow ramjet is determined. The testing of the blank ramjet duct resulted in an error of less than 10% from predicted results. The duct was also tested with the modular inlet installed and resulted in between a 13-30% error based on the predicted results. Hot flow characteristics of the ramjet were not achieved, and the final cold flow test with the nozzle installed was a failure due to improper configuration of the nozzle. The errors associated with this testing can largely be placed on the poor performance of the Cal Poly supersonic wind tunnel and the alterations made to the testing in an attempt to accommodate these flaws. The final tests were halted for safety concerns and could continue after a thorough safety review.