Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Biomedical Engineering


Biomedical and General Engineering


Lanny Griffin


Within the field of microbiology there is a group of bacteria termed, anaerobic, because of their aversion to oxygen. Clinical and industrial interest in these bacteria has made the use of anaerobic systems necessary for widespread testing and research. The glove-less anaerobic chamber has become the premier method for successful cultivation of anaerobic isolates. A prototype anaerobic chamber design contains new features and different anaerobic techniques formed around additional specifications given by microbiologists. Through testing and discussion of the anaerobic systems of this prototype, the design is evaluated based on its anaerobic performance. The three chamber systems that maintain the anaerobic environment are: the circulation system, the passbox, and the operator access armports. The prototype’s techniques for these three systems are compared to a previous prototype’s. The new prototype successfully meets the microbiologist’s specifications but in doing so has significantly changed the systems of the chamber. This evaluation has shown that this chamber’s unique systems successfully maintain anaerobic conditions, but their design has limitations.