Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Computer Science


Computer Science


Dr. Michael Haungs


Although the nearing end of Moore’s Law has been predicted numerous times in the past, it will eventually come to pass. In forethought of this, many modern computing systems have become increasingly complex, distributed, and parallel. As software is developed on and for these complex systems, a common API is necessary for gathering vital performance related metrics while remaining transparent to the user, both in terms of system impact and ease of use.

Several distributed performance monitoring and testing systems have been proposed and implemented by both research and commercial institutions. However, most of these systems do not meet several fundamental criterion for a truly useful distributed performance monitoring system: 1) variable data delivery models, 2) security, 3) scalability, 4) transparency, 5) completeness, 6) validity, and 7) portability.

This work presents dCAMP: Distributed Common API for Measuring Performance, a distributed performance framework built on top of Mark Gabel and Michael Haungs’ work with CAMP. This work also presents an updated and extended set of criterion for evaluating distributed performance frameworks and uses these to evaluate dCAMP and several related works.