Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Agribusiness




Michael McCullough


The purpose of this study was to determine the important benefits of Cal Poly Veterinary Clinic (CPVC) and establish areas of interest for the students at the CPVC. The CPVC is a student run veterinary clinic that exposes students to teachable hands-on veterinary experiences by addressing the needs of animals on campus as well as animals in the San Luis Obispo.

This study thoroughly investigated the student who have taken or are currently taking any of the five courses taught at the CPVC. The research was accomplished through a survey questionnaire. The student questionnaire was conducted by the researcher at Cal Poly-SLO and was administered during the spring quarter of 2014. The analysis identified that hands-on learning experiences were most valued by students at the CPVC. A mission statement for the CPVC was also development for a better understanding of the clinic as a whole for the Cal Poly students, faculty, and San Luis Obispo community.

The survey results have determined the preferences of the students with regards to interest in certain clinical experiences which included anesthetic surgery along with students preferred interest in animal species- small animals. The survey results also provided the CPVC with data regarding the importance of difference benefits of the CPVC offered to student and the student satisfaction level of different factors of the CPVC. This information will help the Animal Science Department at Cal Poly by enhancing the needs of the students in the program and preparing future veterinary medical students with necessary skill sets.