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MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering




The DC House project relies primarily on renewable energy sources to provide DC power to the various loads of the house. However, not all renewable sources are capable of providing power at all times of the day. A back-up energy source in the form of a battery storage system must be available to meet the electrical needs of the house. A bi-directional flyback power converter was initially designed to allow a battery to charge from as well as discharge to the 48V bus line of the DC House. The design provided a 35W prototype to demonstrate the converter’s feasibility. Further improvements to increase power output through changes in design as well as improving the control scheme of the bi-directional converter were conducted. Results allowed an increase of output power to 48W with efficiency at 82% for both charging and discharging. The improvements to the control scheme allowed for better management of charging and discharging cycles of the battery.