Date of Award


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MS in Biomedical Engineering


Biomedical and General Engineering


Lanny Griffin


This project focused on optimizing the plasmid DNA purification process at Life Technologies. These plasmids are designed to code for specialized proteins used by research universities, national laboratories, or research companies. Once cultivated and harvested, the plasmids must be analyzed for quality and quantity. The project is divided into improving three aspects of the process: 1) plasmid identification, 2) plasmid purity evaluation, and 3) process yield. Plasmid identification is now simpler, more robust and has zero ambiguity. Plasmid purity evaluation is now measured with computer software, which reduces user error and eliminates subjectivity. Using the nascent metrics provided by the improved identification and purity evaluation techniques, process yield was analyzed and improved. The hypotheses on yield improvement and the information gleaned from their resulting experiments provide a foundation for further process improvement.

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Biotechnology Commons