Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of City and Regional Planning


City and Regional Planning


Michael Boswell


Driven by California State legislation, the City of Bakersfield is taking steps to introduce Complete Streets to the community. Working in collaboration with the Bakersfield City Planning Department, this project was prompted by the CIty's forthcoming update of its Metropolitan Bakersfield General Plan Circulation Element, with purpose to meet the California Complete Streets Act (AB1358) requirement to plan for a balanced, multimodal transportation network. This professional project intends to provide Bakersfield city officials, staff, and residents with tools and information needed to assess and implement Complete Streets within the Community.

The project provides in depth background research on the Complete Street concept, related legislation, design features, and benefits. It reviews three Complete Street projects from similar cities located in the Central Valley with purpose to deliver guiding principles Bakersfield can utilize for successful implementation. The project provides new conceptual street standards with recommended design feature tables based on existing street types. In conclusion, this project evaluated the newly adopted Bakersfield Complete Street Policy through a strategic approach with final recommendations to build a stronger Complete Street network.