College - Author 1

College of Science and Mathematics

Department - Author 1

Statistics Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Statistics



Primary Advisor

Heather Smith


The data collection and analysis for this project was performed for a consulting client Cierra, a fourth year Sociology major that works at the Safer Office on campus. She went to the consulting center on campus for help with the analysis of her project. She wanted to survey the IFC fraternities at Cal Poly on their views on sexual assault and rape. Thirteen IFC fraternities were surveyed with a total of 488 respondents. The responses to the 30 question True/False survey were used to evaluate the respondent’s empathy towards women, hostility towards women, and sexual aggression. Another research interest was to analyze the responses to the question: “If you could be assured of not being caught, how likely are you to commit rape?” Demographic variables, such as Year, whether the respondent has sisters, and survey version, were used as the independent variables in the statistical models. From the analysis it was discovered that respondent’s that reported had sisters generally had higher empathy towards women than those who reported that they did not have sisters. Also, it was discovered that some of the fraternities had on average higher sexual aggression than others. Analyzing the likelihood to commit rape question it was discovered that some fraternities answered higher on the likert scale more often than other fraternities.