The DOE Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) program has acquired an incredibly large quantity of data over its period of operation, all of which must be reviewed in some manner in order to ensure that the data is of “known and reasonable” quality (ARM Science Plan). To accomplish this, Mission Research Corporation (MRC) coordinates with the ARM Data Quality Office to develop software tools that quality-check data products in a timely and continuous fashion. These tools work with the Data Quality Health and Status (DQ HandS) Explorer (Peppler et al. 2004) by analyzing ARM data streams, providing assessments of data quality in the form of color-coded tables, and generating custom visualizations. Tools for interactively visualizing ARM data sets have also been developed by us for inspecting each of the 600+ data streams that pass through the ARM Data Management Facility (DMF) each day. NCVweb is a Web based application developed for this task, and is designed to allow easy access to ARM data at the DMF and at the ARM archive. Here we will review some of NCVweb’s key features as well as introduce new tools for viewing the quality of Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer (AERI) data, its corresponding Value Added Products (VAPs) and Quality Measurement Experiments (QMEs).


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