An electrical feedthrough (34) is prepared by furnishing an aluminum oxide feedthrough plate (70) and at least one feedthrough pin (80) having a length greater than the thickness of the feedthrough plate (70). A pin bore (78) is formed through the feedthrough plate (70) for each feedthrough pin (80). Each pin bore (78) has a pin bore (78) size greater than the feedthrough pin (80) size, preferably by an amount no greater than that required to permit the penetration of a brazing metal (88) between the pin bore (78) and the feedthrough pin (80). Each feedthrough pin (80) is inserted into its respective pin bore (78) and brazed into place utilizing a metallic active braze alloy (88) and no glassy seal. The feedthrough plate (70) may be simultaneously brazed to a package structure (22) using active or nonactive brazing.


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