The integrated Regional Earth System Model (iRESM), developed by the Data Intensive Scientific Computing Group at PNNL, integrates regional climate, energy, hydrological, and land use models into a single high resolution modeling tool, which represents the climate, geography, economy, and energy supply/demand of a given region. Scientists are then able to analyze and predict how regional economies are able to respond to climate change mitigation and adaptation policies. Similarly, the same group developed the Geologic Sequestration Software Suite (, which supports the study of geologic sequestration. Geologic sequestration is the process of mitigating global warming through the long-term storage of greenhouse gases. Finding suitable subsurface locations for sequestration requires extensive studies that include modeling site geology. Developing and implementing such integrated models for both iRESM and requires multi-disciplinary collaboration. In order to allow for this cooperation, both iRESM and are built upon Velo, a highly flexible knowledge management platform for modeling and simulation. Velo integrates several open source software packages including MediaWiki, which provides rich collaboration functionality and can be extended to integrate specific tools for a given science domain. In this project, we have extended Velo to upload and integrate data sets that are used in both the iRESM and tools. This work contributes to the primary research goals for iRESM and in which users are able to easily access and modify scientific data for their modeling and simulation projects. Upon completion of this project a collaborative Web-Based environment in which scientists of different domains will be able to easily work in partnership on given projects will exist. PNNL-SA-81940.


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