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Ice thickness measurements have been taken in the arctic through a variety of means for a long time in order to better understand the long-term changes to sea ice. This project is focused on measurements made directly on the ice by using an auger or electromagnetic sounding which have both been shown to be highly accurate compared to other observational methods. Our first goal is to create and update an archive of sea ice data that collects smaller separated data sets in one easy to access location for other researchers to use. Our second goal is to use this data collection to start an analysis of the larger data set. The archive keeps record of year, month, day, location, ice thickness, ice freeboard, snow depth, and ice type whenever available in the original data collection. Using all of these parameters, we are looking at trends and relationships between the variables at decadal and Arctic-wide scales.


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Robert Noyce Program - Grant #1836335 and Grand #1340110 NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Chevron





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