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In archaea, HP/HB cycle is essential and proceeds via the most efficient pathway different from that in the well-studied bacterial C-cycling system. 4-Hydroxybutryl-CoA dehydratese is a widespread HP/HB enzyme in archaea and contains the iron-sulfur cluster and conserved catalytic domains and residues. In anaerobic bacteria, 4HBD is also essential. Although anaerobic HBD have been structurally well studied, the role of aerobic environment in catalysis remains elusive. Here, we investigated the structure of hamarceal 4HBD from Nitrosopumilus maritimus. We present the crystal structures of high-resolution catalytically active domains of tetrameric 4HBD, in liganded form and complexed with FAD substrates. We found that 4HBD possess buried deep substrate binding clefts with dehydrogenase activities. 4HBD exhibited structural characteristics within the substrate-binding cleft similar to those in anaerobic. However, 4HBD lacked structural elements favoring substrate binding beyond the active sites, including an extra wall structure present in aerobic ones. Nevertheless, the X may compensate for this difference; a truncation containing extra C-terminal displayed activity toward insoluble polymeric substrates that was higher than those. Our observations provide the structural insights of the 4HBD dehydration.


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