A Flight Readiness Review evaluates the readiness to begin and safely conduct flight tests or flight operations. FRR approval is necessary in order to determine that the system under review can proceed into its test environment having met the standards to be considered airworthy. These standards require that the aviation system be under configuration management, have flight clearance, approved flight test plans, discrepancy tracking, and appropriate risk assessment processes in place. As an Autonomous Flight Lab we are interested in developing a protocol that will make this processes more accessible to individuals trying to utilize UAVs for various research projects. Currently there is no process in place to assist individuals in preparing an FRR. We have been working on generating a user friendly guide to developing quality student presentations in the form of FRRs. We began by observing student FRR presentations, determining the best procedure for risk assessment, and specifying base line operation requirements. In order to do so one must first identify the vehicle being used, the mission details, the necessary crew members, and the operational environment. Ultimately we hope that by having a procedure in place to assist individuals in developing FRRs, we can greatly reduce lab member dependency and need for multiple FRR revisions.


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