The APV3 an unmanned vehicle utilizes different methods of data collection such as fiber optics, piccolo, and other data loggers. The fiber optics solely are able to collect thousands of strain data per 1/2 inch of wire, which generates enormous amounts of data. The AERO software architecture team will utilize the AERO institute as an IT test bed to validate the use of Cassandra, and development of a data interface. Using the already exiting AERO portal and Cassandra database the team will validate the ability to store and display data. Cassandra in contrast to other programs is inexpensive and may have the ability to store enormous amounts of data, as is currently being used by Netflix to store movies. A user-friendly interface will be developed to allow the customer (team working towards the development of the APV3) to analyze and view data collected. Conforming to the software development lifecycle, system requirements will be collected from customer and submitted to the software team for review, and subsequently, system design and implementation. Software application will be monitored for compliance with DPR 7150 Class IV non-safety critical software regulations.


Shaun Smith

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