NASA projects require a reliable approach to store large volumes of data. Accordingly, it is crucial to adopt a lightweight, reliable, and scalable database. Current NASA databases bear costly license fees with undesirable speed and flexibility. The purpose of utilizing the AERO Institute as an IT test bed, or “Sandbox,” is to design, build, test, and implement software solutions prior to transfer to NASA projects. Cassandra coupled with the Astyanax API is a viable solution for storing big data. Store a minimum of 2GB of C-FOSS data in multiple file formats (.csv, .log, .xml, and .jpg). Use benchmark tests to verify the speed, flexibility, and reliability of data stored in the Cassandra database. Create user-friendly interface to query C-FOSS data. The Sandbox will design an end-to-end flight data management software solution for Compact Fiber Optic Sensing System (C-FOSS) data collected with the APV3 unmanned vehicle. Cassandra will be validated as a lightweight, open source database capable of managing big data while providing a cluster, fault-tolerant system. The implementation of the Cassandra database allows for fast data storage and retrieval. Validation tests prove that uploads are accurate and reliable; a java script found no discrepancies between the original and uploaded data set.


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Michael Ritchson & Shaun Smith

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NASA Armstrong (Formerly Dryden) Flight Research Center

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