Generation of mid-IR wavelengths

Deborah Robinson, Robert Hartsock, and Kelly Gaffney


Research to determine basic molecular properties utilizing pump/probe experiments is an on going effort at SLAC. Here we have been given the task to generate mid-IR laser pulses and commission a mid-IR detector for said experiments and research. The mid-IR pulses will be used to probe the changes in molecular properties induced by exciting the electrons in molecules with visible pump pulses. In order to accomplish this, an optical parametric amplifier (OPA) has been set-up and aligned. The pump beam for the OPA is a 40 femtosecond 800nm beam from a Ti:Sapphire chirped pulse amplified laser system with an output of approximately 1mJ/pulse. In the OPA, one photon of higher energy is frequency mixed or split into two photons of lower energy using nonlinear processes in a nonlinear crystal. Here we have generated 1400nm and 1900nm wavelengths in the near-IR spectrum out of the OPA from the 800nm pump. These signal and idler output wavelengths from the OPA will then be frequency difference mixed in a second nonlinear crystal to yield mid-IR wavelengths to test the mid-IR detector.


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Kelly Gaffney

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