Verifying R code and visualizing Power Grid data:

Signature Quality Metrics and GUI development

Author: Emmanuel Herrera

Mentors: Brett Amidan and Landon Sego

There are many bioforensic signatures produced by analytical instruments that are expensive to produce and maintain accuracy. SQM is an R package which will provide subject matter experts with tools that will help them assess the specific quality of signatures and determine their accuracy, utility and cost by simple function calls. Many published academic papers were surveyed on the kinds of metrics already being implemented. Once understood how some metrics measured accuracy, the SQM package was duplicated without viewing the code to determine validity. This package will be useful in helping assess many different kinds of signatures made by their respective instruments and make them accurate and affordable.

Phasor Measurement Units are useful tools for analyzing power grid data. PMU’s produce an overwhelming amount of data, measuring many variables 30 times a second. Domain experts need tools that allow them to analyze and visualize this data. This research produced a visualization tool using the R package named RGtk2, a package that helps create GUI’s. The GUI asks for which substation and date the user wants. The data is then converted to Rdata files. Then the user inputs the desired time intervals and checks which variables are needed. Single or multi-plots appear depending on the number of variables chosen. The GUI allows the user to see what occurred before or after a variable was abnormal. A future modification is selection for a longer time interval.


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