sprinkle: an undergraduate journal of feminist and queer studies


This paper seeks to explore the link made by Deborah Spar in her recently published piece The Ambramson Effect: Tales of Women Who Topple From Power between the effects of the glass ceiling and glass cliff effects on women in the topmost positions in American businesses, organizations, and corporations and the ascension to power of Queen Elsa in the Disney motion picture Frozen. By incorporating media reports on merchandising and animation, as well as scholarly research, this paper places Spar's theory into a more accessible space. Furthermore, by referencing the lyrics to the feature power ballad from the animated film, it more closely aligns Elsa's tale with those of women such as Jill Abramson herself, for whom Spar's piece is named. While no formal criticism or research has been published on the Abramson Effect thus far, the exploration of the glass ceiling effect and the glass cliff effect in this work establishes a theoretical basis from which it is possible to conclude that Spar's assessment of the current state of affairs in the American workplace is entirely accurate.

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