sprinkle: an undergraduate journal of feminist and queer studies


Mestizx Latinx peoples, being of both white and Indigenous heritage, are colonized peoples on colonized lands living under the settlers’ systems of white supremacy, cisheteropatriarchy, and capitalism. Mestizx Latinx people have made various attempts to reckon with this colonized status and define an anti-colonial, liberatory way forward for ourselves. This essay explores the contemporary context of Mestizx peoples in the United States, positioning our history within the broader story of settler colonialism. It investigates our disconnection from our ancestral lands and traditions, arguing that Mestizx Latinx people have formed new attachments to places on these colonized lands via the hood and that these attachments are nevertheless an incomplete framework for understanding if they do not deal with Mestizx Latinx peoples’ relationship with Indigenous peoples. This essay further argues that such a framework is still incomplete if it does not involve healing from the settler system of cisheteropatriarchy and that facilitating this healing is the sacred charge of hood, queer and, transgender Mestizx Latinx people and hood feminists more broadly.

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