sprinkle: an undergraduate journal of feminist and queer studies


ilia Forkin


This paper analyses the methodology of sociological studies on gender-non-conforming (GNC) subjects in the context of prominent critiques by GNC theorists who have asserted the necessity of centering the needs, perspectives, and cultural work of transgender (trans*) and GNC academics and subjects. The paper explains how studies which favor an interactionist model of sociology prioritize notions of gender which uphold heteronormativity and erase the lived-experiences of the subjects they concern. As a solution to this obstacle, this paper proposes strategies to assist in the creation of participatory models of sociology which engage with gender in a way which reflects the diverse interests and needs of GNC people along the entire spectrum of marginalized gender identities. This paper attempts to act as a reference tool for both trans* and cisgender academics who hope to do work which contributes to equitable treatment and representation of all oppressed subjects.

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