sprinkle: an undergraduate journal of feminist and queer studies


Zulema Aleman


The field of advocacy for the end of gender-based violence has constantly grown. Some could say that there is continual action taking place at multiple levels to ensure the protection of survivors, but the direction is often influenced by the perspective of those in positions of power. Regardless, both the social and legal movements have focused primarily on gender and often disregarded how other social identities, such as immigration status and race, intersect with sexual violence and thus create a range of experiences. The undocumented community is one of these groups who face higher rates of gender-based violence due to multiple systems of oppression. In order to address this issue holistically, specifically within the university setting, the advocacy field needs to be informed of the range of experiences of undocumented immigrant survivors, the steps towards cultural competency that need to be taken, and the unique support and resources needed to advocate for this community. This training seeks to be part of the solution by providing education to campus communities in the following areas: (1) foundational knowledge regarding the undocumented community, (2) cultural considerations, and (3) expanding awareness of resources available across the university, county, state, and nation.

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