Department - Author 1

Social Sciences Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Social Sciences



Primary Advisor

J. W. Coleman


My senior project paper is an analysis of the impact of Global Climate Change on modern social behaviors of rural communities, society at large, and international aid relations between developed and underdeveloped countries. I propose that it is possible that the most effective solutions to the environmental crisis actually focus on social problems, and most importantly, should place special emphasis on women in rural communities. The three primary areas for solutions to address are the implementation of improved technology, investment of financial capital, and fostering an attitude of Global Solidarity/New Humanism. While the first two elements are not foreign concepts to many aid projects, the third refers to the concept of achieving a genuine sense of connectedness that overcomes any risk of ethnocentrism in an effort to provide assistance that will raise up women and their communities without abandoning their cultural identities.

The primary theory in the paper is Conflict Feminist Perspective, with additional theories on modern Development and its linkages to the ethnocentric, resource-exploiting behaviors of the past. While this paper supports development, it supports a very specific formula, which will be thoroughly detailed throughout the body of the paper. The case study for the section on implementation of improved technology is High Efficiency Stoves. The section on Microfinance highlights the principles and practices of the Grameen Bank and similar organizations like The previous two sections will each have an explanation on how “Global Solidarity/New Humanism” is important to its success, and the final section will detail the process and obstacles to establishing a new mindset about aid work and forming a global support network.