Department - Author 1

Social Sciences Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BA in Sociology



Primary Advisor

Christopher Bickel


The intension of this research project is to provide a critical analysis of the modern American school system, the policies that created and maintain it, the extensive effects of its practices, and the future of education under such a system. I will begin by tracing the evolution of the current order and discuss the impacts of government educational initiatives such as No Child Left Behind (George W. Bush) and A Race to the Top (Barack Obama) among others. To support these examples I will use secondary statistical research data, scholarly journals, government sources, and other forms of evidence. In this way I will attempt to show the successes and failures over the course of history as well as the underlying effects on American education and society. The following portion of my study will be dedicated to analyzing the defunding of enrichment and fine arts programs, the allocation of resources among various schools, and the narrow method of measuring both student and teacher performance under core-curriculum standards. An in depth look at these negative consequences will be juxtaposed with championed goals and successes of these programs and policies. Finally I will compare and contrast the school system in America with that of Finland, and discuss the future of education in the United States under the current system of learning and teaching.