Department - Author 1

Social Sciences Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Social Sciences



Primary Advisor

Dawn B. Neill


The methods currently used to survey, analyze and understand human relationships and interactivity fail to grasp the complexity and intricacy brought forth by a globalized, cohesive and communicative society. The conventional sociometric schools of social-group analysis are not fully equipped to understand the depth and complexity of interpersonal relations, losing out on the intricacies that exist between acquaintanceships, friendships, romances, and everything in between. This in mind, I have crafted and designed a new paradigmatic system for understanding and working with human relationships: the theory of Continuity. Employing a system of mutually-exchanged socio-emotive currency, Continuital theory seeks to quantify the generally-qualitative field of relational observation. This particular study uses a dyad-interview model to predict the nature of relationships, comparing a Continuity-based analysis to the recorded response of each interview subject. A total of 60 interview subjects in 30 relational dyads were surveyed, with a 90% success rate of correctly predicting relational status using the theory of Continuity as an analytical method. These results dramatically support the use of Continuital analysis in the interpretation and understanding of human relationships, potentially opening the door for the use of Continuity in other methods of analysis.