Social Sciences Department

Degree Name

BS in Social Sciences




Gregory S. Bohr


The research and final project that I plan to do will be composed of a few different parts. I will be taking crime report data from the city of San Luis Obispo and analyzing it with GIS software. The data will be from the most recent reported calendar year. I will be looking at the data spatially so that I can compare the areas of the city in which crime is most prevalent. I will be creating multiple maps which will be looking individually at different types of crime, such as violent crimes, burglary and theft, assault and battery, sex crimes, alcohol and drug related crimes, and others. I hope to be able to compare the maps of individual crimes to compile a complete spatial view of the city as it relates to criminal activity. It should be interesting to compare the completed maps to the proximity to schools, bars, other local businesses, and population density, to see what has the greatest impact on where the crimes are committed. The final project will consist of a number of GIS maps of the city of SLO, an analysis of each and the implications of the findings. I would also like to do a simple analysis with all the crimes committed during one year, and another with all the crimes committed five years later so that I can examine the changes over that period. Hopefully this will illuminate some trends that influence the crime in the city and may provide some solutions for the problems. In conclusion, my final project should be a comprehensive report of the crime report data in SLO, examined spatially, and analyzed in comparison to previous years, hopefully providing insight into current trends in crime in our city.