Smart Dispatch Methods

Hannah K. Panno, California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo


My senior project will be focused on smart dispatch methods for CAL FIRE. Currently the level of dispatch including how many personnel and how much equipment such as fire engines, water tanks, dozers, and aircrafts that are sent to a fire is based on subjectivity rather than science. A reliable dispatch system based on Fire Family Plus software needs to be implemented in San Luis Obispo County. A reliable dispatch should be grounded on the prominent elements of fire progression i.e. fuels, topography, and climatology. These fire catalysts will be applied and considered based on unique climate regions of the San Luis Obispo County in conjunction with historic fire and weather data from the past decade. The utilization of Fire Family Plus software and its' statistical outputs will help guide fire managers in the decision making process for dispatch response and appropriate staffing levels. This approach and analysis to dispatch response will minimize subjective decisions regarding dispatch and shift toward decisions based on science and methodology.