Resolution Contents

AS-859-18 resolved that "The Academic Senate Faculty Affairs Committee construct UFPP by proposing university-level faculty personnel policies to the Senate in the form of chapters or portions of chapters of UFPP according to the procedures approved in AS-829-17"; and AS-859-18 resolved that "By the end of Spring 2020 Colleges and other faculty units reorganize their faculty personnel policy documents to conform their documents to the chapter structure of UFPP"; therefore be it the policy document contained at the end of the attached report "Proposed Chapter of University Faculty Personnel Policies Document: CHAPTER 4: RESPONSIBILITIES IN FACULTY EVALUATION" be established as, Chapter 4: Responsibilities in Faculty Evaluation of UFPP, and be it further Colleges and the Library revise their personnel policy documents by Spring 2020 to have chapter 4 of their documents cover responsibilities in faculty evaluation as per chapter 4 of UFPP.

President's Response to Resolution