College - Author 1

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Department - Author 1

Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration



Primary Advisor

P. Brian Greenwood


For the past ten years the summer Concerts in the Park series has grown in popularity and importance to the community of Paso Robles. Providing more than entertainment, this special event brings together the community and unites people across gender, age, and racial lines. With the recent economic recession, this research was aimed at providing information for the administrators of the event to aid in the sustainability of the concert series. The purpose of this study was to assess the demographics and use of services of participants at the Paso Robles Concerts in the Park series for the summer of 2009. The survey was conducted at the first three concerts using an observational checklist to record information for overall demographics, dance floor and concession usage. Data of the demographics were tabulated to determine frequency and percentage of race and age group broken down by gender. Demographic trends in usage were presented to suggest recommendations for future concert planning.