College - Author 1

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Department - Author 1

Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration



Primary Advisor

Marni Goldenberg


The purpose of this study was to assess the demographics and spending behavior of attendees at San Luis Obispo’s downtown Farmers’ Market. With the current 2011 economic recession in America, this study evaluated its affect on the Farmers’ Market attendee demographics and purchasing motivations. Using a questionnaire distributed to 200 participants at Farmers’ Market, this study concluded that most people are motivated by price when shopping for produce and the majority of Farmers’ Market attendees’ spending behaviors have been affected by the economic recession. Furthermore, this study found there is a preference for organic produce to be bought at the downtown Farmers’ Market instead of at a general supermarket. It is recommended that the vendors at the San Luis Obispo’s downtown Farmers’ Market lower their prices on produce, so it can be more affordable to more attendees during this current 2011 economic recession.