It’s a Disease

Let’s open the door to the unordinary and see what we can find lurking behind.

Pretty David

I felt that the biblical hero who is a figure of independence needed a makeover.

The Yellow Star

Dedicated to the Jews of the Holocaust who had to submit to the humiliation of wearing a bright yellow star, which is today worn proudly as a symbol of strength within the newer generations. Scan the QR code for the full performance.

Born & Inspired

This poster illustrates fifty-five inspirational women born in each of the fifty-five American states and territories. This piece was inspired by the pictures of presidents that are always seen hanging on elementary school walls. As a child, I was always annoyed that this list only had men, so I decided to create a women version. Each star pays tribute to an amazing woman in history that has made a difference and has contributed to the advancement and power of womankind



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