Wah Wah Wah

“Brand new whip got no keys” ~ Lil Baby

Rocks I & Rocks II

I am fascinated by the push and pull of erosion in nature, and how this destruction can be mirrored in the act of creating a painting. Colors push through and pigments disperse, and new formations emerge and combine to create unexpected moments. Flaws and rawness within a painting are fascinating to me, as it mirrors the erosion of the natural world and shows the complete process of the piece from start to finish.

Intentional decisions and accidental moments build to become a cohesive whole. Rocks, caves, craters, and other natural formations make up the starting point of my investigations. The texture and scale are the focal points of my research. Fusing shapes together to create abstracted forms, highlighting small moments within large bodies of rock.

My paintings are large scale in nature and play with a micro and macro perspective. Muted washes build and combine to create new lines and horizons.



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