Little Horses

Spring is a season of newness, life, and growth. Cal Poly’s foals are born throughout spring quarter here, and it is such a treat to be able to watch them explore what it means to be alive. They grow into strong working animals in a short time, but for the spring, at least, they are small.

Mindless: Please Press Pause!

In the current political climate in the United States, normalcy rests in divisiveness, daily media lies, and inaccuracies. There are unclear moral and ethical precepts. With mass and social media slamming these concepts in our face, minute-by-minute, I often wonder, “What is coming next and how soon will it arrive? Will we face all-encompassing invasion by technology? Will daily mental bombardment be so mainstream that complete desensitization is the norm?” My art is currently evolving as a response to these looming societal questions.

This work harkens back to the Pop era when art was graphic, direct, ironic, humorous, and yet still innovative. It is my hope that the clear, solid, humorous, and unambiguous work which I am making provides a needed pause. It is a moment to feel happy and unencumbered by current social dialogues.



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