Fresh Croissant, Antique Bisque, Caramel Swirl: An Installation

When I was six years old I vividly remember asking my mom why my skin was a different color than hers, and without hesitation, she told me people paid money to make their skin look golden brown like mine. She told me to be proud of it. Her words form the backbone to this piece, which aims to embody the experience of growing up in a biracial home, in a home where my mother was white and my father was Filipino.

I believe being biracial allows me to experience nuanced perspectives, not quite the majority but not fully a minority, this duality leaves me in a place of limbo. With a color palette derived by using Home Depot’s paint color matching service on an image of my parents and I, my installation emphasizes these predetermined colors and the connection the colors have to the narrowly defined race/ethnic boxes we are supposed to ascribe ourselves.

Fruits of labor

These photographs were made in 2016, but their meaning was realized just today. A near college graduate, I anxiously await a taste of the fruits of my labor.



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