Village Royalty, 2018, Oil Pastel, 11”x17”

Inspired by the colorful lights emitted from the flames of candles during Hanukkah. What may seem as a simple tradition in any religion, culture, or family is cherished for those who keep those traditions. For Hanukkah, lighting the candles is a tradition and ritual that is precious to those who observe the holiday.

Reformation of a Generation, 2017, oil on canvas, 36”x24”

With each generation, the newest learn from the previous. This painting draws details from the changing era as it is handed down. The figures draw detail from my earlier works and are inspired by the past generation of artists in my family.

Practical Portraiture

A mini set featuring Emilia Bedilia (IG: @_emiliabedilia_) utilizing practical artificial lights and locations.



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