Elastic properties of major arteries were measured in vivo in ten normal volunteers, age 26 to 44 years (mean = 32 years). A B-mode ultrasound imager was used to noninvasively measure mean diameter and pulsatile diameter change at five locations along the main arteries in the abdomen and the lower extremities. Together with pulsatile pressure (measured by the auscultatory method), strain (ε), compliance (C) and the pressure-strain elastic modulus (Ep l/C) were calculated. Ep increased significantly along the arterial tree; mean values (x105 N/m-2 ) were: 0.99 aorta, 1.21 common iliac artery (CIA), 1.43 common femoral artery (CFA), 1.57 superficial femoral artery (SFA), and 1.56 popliteal (POP) artery.


Mechanical Engineering



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