Department - Author 1

Physics Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Physics



Primary Advisor

Vardha N. Bennert


Given a sample of 99 local AGNs, we study the characteristics of the forbidden [Fe VII] coronal line for the purpose of determining the location of the coronal line region (CLR) within the AGN. We calculate the velocity of the clouds emitting [Fe VII] using the width of the [Fe VII] emission lines compared to [O II] emission lines to establish whether the clouds are inflowing or outflowing. We plot the [Fe VII] and [O II] flux ratios against the AGNs' known black hole masses and stellar velocity dispersions in order to see if there are any correlations between them. The values of the flux ratios will also tell us whether collision de-excitation or radiative de-excitation are dominant within the CLR of the AGNs.