College - Author 1

College of Science and Mathematics

Department - Author 1

Physics Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Physics

College - Author 2

College of Science and Mathematics

Department - Author 2

Physics Department

Degree - Author 2

BS in Physics



Primary Advisor

Pete Schwartz, College of Science and Mathematics, Physics Department


Positive Thermal Coefficients, PTCs, are materials that abruptly change in resistance in response to changes in temperature. The purpose of this experiment is to explore the viability of using the switching type ceramic PTC thermistor as a replacement for current resistive heaters. These types of PTCs have a nonlinear change in resistance with increases in temperature. This device will be used as a temperature-controlling heating element intended to power an Insulated Solar Electric Cooker (ISEC). The ISEC is designed to cook meals throughout the day for impacted communities as an alternative cooking method that doesn’t require biofuel as an energy source and also reduces hazardous emissions. According to the World Health Organization, three billion people cook using biomass fuels and four million premature deaths are caused by household air pollution from inefficient cooking methods.1 The goal of this technology is to reduce the environmental impact and health issues that arise from biomass cooking in enclosed areas such as households.