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College of Science and Mathematics

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Physics Department

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BS in Physics



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Jennifer Klay


The ALICE experiment at CERN is undergoing several major upgrades, one of which is a replacement of the trigger system, which will be composed of a suite of detectors known as the “Fast Interaction Trigger” or FIT. One part of the FIT collaboration team’s objective is the upgrade of the T0 detector, which provides the time stamp for events and acts as a trigger for the rest of the ALICE detectors. The T0+ will detect Cherenkov radiation from charged particles emitted in p-p and Pb-Pb collisions at the CERN Large Hadron Collider. The photodetectors are micro-channel plate photomultiplier tubes that improve the timing resolution and minimum bias trigger efficiency over the current T0. This report outlines the T0+ detector array and its components, as well as the team’s process of testing and analyzing the detectors.

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